“Iron Sharpens Iron.

So get your axe to church!”


4th Man Men’s Ministry is a vision God gave us about His desire to meet us in the midst of our trials. As men, we face daily issues that cause us to question our direction and even our manhood. This world has placed doubt where it should never have been, in the minds of our husbands and fathers.

It is the mission of 4th Man to restore men to the position of priesthood in their homes, and in their communities; Every man, everywhere. Just like the three Hebrew boys from the scripture, there is no mountain, no struggle, no fire too big or too hot for our God to handle. Our perspective in the midst of them seems to determine our direction, but if we hold to our faith that God has blessed us with, He will direct our path.

Join 4th Man Men’s Ministry every second Tuesday of the month as we seek God’s direction for our lives, eat great food, and have a man sized amount of fun in the process.


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