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Summer Dinner Parties

Click on the RSVP link for the Dinner Party you want to attend! Remember, seating is limited!

Ladies Italian Sit Down Dinner (Ladies ONLY)

6/7/19 6:00-8:00pm Kurtz Home, 1376 Tipton Rd., No Children Please

10 seats, Click here to RSVP:

Brisette’s BBQ - Families Welcome! Wear a swimsuit!

6/22/19 3:30-8:30pm Brisette’s House, 1837 Reinecke Rd, Families Welcome!

25 seats!!, Click here to RSVP:

Couples Dinner Party

7/19/19 6:00-8:00pm Hooker’s House, 120 Blue Rock Ct., No Children Please

5 couples/10 seats, Click here to RSVP:

“TACO-Bout” Dinner Party (Ladies ONLY)

7/19/19 6:30-8:00pm Vacula’s Home, 104 Masters Court, No Children Please

12 seats, Click here to RSVP:

Pizza Building Party (Ladies ONLY)

7/27/19 6:00-8:00pm Hubbard’s House, 115 Amhurst St., No Children Please

8 seats, Click here to RSVP:

Men’s Grill and Chill (Men ONLY)

4th Saturday of July and August at 6:00pm Chatham’s House (there is no meeting in June)

(7/27/19, 8/24/19) ALL MEN ARE WELCOME! Bring something to throw on the grill!

746 FM 446, Victoria, TX